Thank you for getting to my abuse page. I am/we are committed to addressing any issues of internet abuse or misconduct that you have reported. We take these matters very seriously and we will do our best to respond to you but will not always be possible.

We adhere to the Dutch AVG and abuse policies that aim to prevent and respond to any form of violence, exploitation, or harassment on the internet. We respect the dignity and rights of every person and we do not tolerate any behavior that violates these principles.

Much of our traffic is “access based”, meaning we cannot control every aspect of our users as sometimes IP’s are situated in homes and or used for public wifi access. We do our utmost best to limit illigal activities and traffic from and to our IP’s.

The steps we take, include DNS blocking, inline IDS and IPS where possible, taking into consideration available resources and needed compute power.

If you have a complaint regarding torrent/tor traffic we cannot help you as this traffic is either encrypted, and is difficult with our team to properly trace. If you feel drugs, child porn, or other serious illigal activities are conducted, we ask you to provide evidence and we will investigate accordingly, adhering to strict dutch privacy law, where we will not provide any user data to the respective reporting company and or instance, regardless of country of origin.

We appreciate your cooperation and trust in us.