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  • 100Gbit! … and future

    After some rework and waiting for the final connections … its here .. AS200132 now has a total aggregated connectivity of 100Gbits. Asimo Networks, LayerswitchIX and BIT B.V. provided me with the bandwith to get to the 100 … so thank you for supporting me.

    Also a glimpse in the future … as AS200132 has grown … the plans are to craft a (partial) free connectivity platform for people learning BGP or having a non-for-profit project, or foundation who needs connectivity and transit. More to come in the future on this – or if you already have ideas / request – contact me.

    P.S connections/XC’s from a tier 1 ISP/carrier are welcome still as this would provide good connectivity for the people i want to support!

    /* Peter-Paul

  • Public IPerf3 servers

    As of this moment im hosting 2 (temporary for now) iperf3 servers for anyone to test with. The 3 iperf servers are hosted directly on the routers. – running on router 1 – running on router 2

    iperf3 -c speedtest[0#] – port 5201

    Both Ipv4 and Ipv6 connections are possible. Feel free to drop me a line/note via noc [at] netone [dot] nl if you have questions, or provide tips / tweaks.

  • Major upgrades!

    With a little help from my friends …. NetOne NL / AS200132 has undergone a major upgrade increasing capacity from 40Gbits to 80Gbits. We placed an additional switch at the Nikhef facility and connected other exchanges to it , and moved some other connections which were vlans previously to the new switch.

    Upgrade list
    – Mikrotik CRS317 switch
    – 4x DAC from server/router to the switch (2x bond per virtual router)
    – Connected: InterIX, FogIXP (pending) and LSIX (pending)
    – Connected 2nd Frysix link of 10G (thanks!)

  • Second router alive

    One is none, so last weekend AS200132 now runs on 2 routers. with ip and 2a12:8fc6:600:177:1:1:0:3 is alive. Sessions between nikhef-1 and nikhef-2 are now shared via iBGP. The ip which i use as gateway is now also an anycast ip – usable for my internal systems to have (semi) redundant connections. The transit of NCRYPTD Net LTR is also moved to this second router.

    More update to follow as new IX’s will be coming in very soon …

  • Bird software upgrade

    Previously i started AS200132 with running Bird 1.6.8, but this version is EOS/EOL in a few months. As of today AS200132 is now running on Bird 2.13 (EPEL release RPM), but / and of course still automated via the coloclue KEES automation tool.

  • Joining LOCIX

    As of today NetOne-NL also joined LOCIX Netherlands. A small internet exchange, however always good to peer / find new networks and people. Btw theyre offering free ports, so you could join as well! You could also join via a vlan tag at Speed-IX.

  • NLNOG ring node

    As of today as200132 also participates in the NLNOG ring project.

    For statistics on the usage of the node – you can visit this link.

  • IPv6 live

    After some fiddling … ipv6 is also live. I kindly got a /48 ip range from NCRYPTD Ltd UK to use for my project.

    2a12:8fc6:600::/48 is now live with 2a12:8fc6:600:177:1:1::1 and 2a12:8fc6:600:177:1:1::2 beeing the routers for the platform and act as termination for tunnels.

  • FIPO / First post

    I created this NOC website to document the background and information of my AS200132 project. In the about section you can find all background information.

    There a various sub-menu items, showing BGP routes, peers, uptimes, and other relevant information.

    Feel free to contact me at noc at netone dot nl for technical / peering questions.