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    NetOne NL is a small project run by Peter-Paul Kurstjens. Its built for learning purposes but now also as permanent link for internet services. NetOne NL is a non commercial organization but loves to share knowledge, and ideas on routing, smarthome, networking and other technology.

    In daily life Peter-Paul is a senior digital advisor at Red Hat, helping companies adopt the open source way of working, from technology, but also from people and process point of view

    Want to peer with AS200132? Go to github and make a pull request!

    Technical information AS200132

    Connected internet exchanges:

    • Frys-IX – The Frisian Internet Exchange
    • Speed-IX – Speed Internet Exchange

    Connected transit providers

    • Sentia Netherlands BV – AS8315
    • Ncryptd Ltd – AS34465
    • IPNG GmbH network – AS8298

    BGP tools view


    • NIKHEF Amsterdam

    Prefixes originating from AS200132:

    • 2a12:8fc6:600::/48


    Network weathermap

    Below picture is a live overview of the traffic at AS200132. Picture updated every 15 minutes.

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