Public IPerf3 servers

As of this moment im hosting 2 (temporary for now) iperf3 servers for anyone to test with. The 3 iperf servers are hosted directly on the routers. – running on router 1 – running on router 2 iperf3 -c speedtest[0#] – port 5201 Both Ipv4 and Ipv6 connections are possible. Feel free to… Continue reading Public IPerf3 servers

Major upgrades!

With a little help from my friends …. NetOne NL / AS200132 has undergone a major upgrade increasing capacity from 40Gbits to 80Gbits. We placed an additional switch at the Nikhef facility and connected other exchanges to it , and moved some other connections which were vlans previously to the new switch. Upgrade list– Mikrotik… Continue reading Major upgrades!