NetOne NL is a small project run by Peter-Paul Kurstjens and supported by Sebastiaan Koetsier. Its built for learning purposes. NetOne NL is a non commercial organization but loves to share knowledge, and ideas on routing, smarthome, networking and other technology.

The name “Net One” originates from the international movement of www.net-one.org, on which i loaned the logo (credits to the respective owner). I fully endorse their ways of working and want to equally contribute achieving dialogue among people with connectivity/technology.

Other / daily work

In daily life im a senior digital advisor at Red Hat, helping companies adopt the open source way of working, from technology, but also from people and process point of view

Technical information AS200132 / NetOne-NL

Connected internet exchanges:

  • Frys-IX – 2x 10G XC
  • NLIX – 1x 10G XC
  • Speed-IX – 10G XC
  • LOCIX – via vlan @ Speed-IX
  • InterIX – 10G XC
  • FogIXP – 10G XC
  • LayerswitchIX – 10G XC

Transit providers:

  • Accenture BV – AS8315 – 10G XC
  • Asimo Networks BV – AS49127 – 40G XC
  • Fusix Networks BV – AS57866 – 10G XC
  • NCRYPTD Net Ltd – AS34465 – 10G XC
  • IPng Networks GmbH – AS8298 – 10G XC
  • BIT BV – AS12859 – 2x FrysIX peer
  • Hurricane Electric LLC – AS6939 – FrysIX peer (IPv6 only)

Want to peer with AS200132? Go to github and make a pull request!

Want to have transit from me ? contact me and lets see what we can do …

Traffic Information

See menu on this site labled ‘traffic’ 🙂

BGP tools view


  • NIKHEF Amsterdam

Prefixes originating from AS200132:


  • Hardware:
    • Dell PowerEdge R640 – dual Xeon 4110 – 256gb RAM – 6x10G SFP
    • Arista DCS7280SE-64

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Vector Packet Processing

Automation: KEES coloclue router deployment tool