NetOne NL is a small project run by Peter-Paul Kurstjens. Its built for learning purposes. NetOne NL is a non commercial organization but loves to share knowledge, and ideas on routing, smarthome, networking and other technology.

The name “Net One” originates from the international movement of, on which i loaned the logo (credits to the respective owner). I fully endorse their ways of working and want to equally contribute achieving dialogue among people with connectivity/technology.

Other / daily work

In daily life im a senior digital advisor at Red Hat, helping companies adopt the open source way of working, from technology, but also from people and process point of view

Technical information AS200132 / NetOne-NL

Connected internet exchanges:

  • Frys-IX – The Frisian Internet Exchange
  • Speed-IX – Speed Internet Exchange
  • LOCIX – Local Internet Exchange (via Speed-IX vlan)

Connected transit providers

  • Accenture BV – AS8315
  • NCRYPTD Net Ltd – AS34465
  • IPng Networks GmbH – AS8298
  • Hurricane Electric LLC – AS6939 (IPv6 only)

Want to peer with AS200132? Go to github and make a pull request!

Network weathermap

Below picture is a live overview of the traffic at AS200132.
Click for a larger version. Picture updated every 15 minutes.

BGP tools view


  • NIKHEF Amsterdam

Prefixes originating from AS200132:


  • Hardware: Dell PowerEdge R320 – Xeon 2450L – 48gb RAM
  • Network interfaces:
    • 1x Intel X520-SR2 – PCI passthru
    • 4x Intel 82599ES – PCI passthru
    • 2x Broadcom 5720

Powered by:

Operating systemsRoutingHypervisor

Automation: KEES coloclue router deployment tool