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  • Bird software upgrade

    Previously i started AS200132 with running Bird 1.6.8, but this version is EOS/EOL in a few months. As of today AS200132 is now running on Bird 2.13 (EPEL release RPM), but / and of course still automated via the coloclue KEES automation tool.

  • Joining LOCIX

    As of today NetOne-NL also joined LOCIX Netherlands. A small internet exchange, however always good to peer / find new networks and people. Btw theyre offering free ports, so you could join as well! You could also join via a vlan tag at Speed-IX.

  • NLNOG ring node

    As of today as200132 also participates in the NLNOG ring project. For statistics on the usage of the node – you can visit this link.

  • IPv6 live

    After some fiddling … ipv6 is also live. I kindly got a /48 ip range from NCRYPTD Ltd UK to use for my project. 2a12:8fc6:600::/48 is now live with 2a12:8fc6:600:177:1:1::1 and 2a12:8fc6:600:177:1:1::2 beeing the routers for the platform and act as termination for tunnels.

  • FIPO / First post

    I created this NOC website to document the background and information of my AS200132 project. In the about section you can find all background information. There a various sub-menu items, showing BGP routes, peers, uptimes, and other relevant information. Feel free to contact me at noc at netone dot nl for technical / peering questions.